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to find out what is bugging you,
and how it impacts your life.

Jessica George, MA Counseling Psychology
Certified Professional Master Life Coach



I hate to say it, but you told me so. It happened! He proposed to me tonight and I had to write you right away. I could not have seen this when I came to you a few years ago. You told me that LOVE was there for me, but I had to take care of myself first. Thank you for making me embrace myself first. This time it’s going to be different. 


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about my story / your story


Hi. I’m Jessica and although YOU are the MOST IMPORTANT in this process, I want to share a quick personal therapy story with you that you might be able to relate to. (Wow a human therapist who shares!)



It started by my recognizing that I had some real issues I needed to unpack (failed marriage, self worth issues, sucky mom stuff, you know). So I went on a journey to find my person. And, boy did that prove to be an exhilarating let down. One therapist closed her eyes right in the middle of my grief.  Another man cringed every time I said F*** (It’s an important word). The last one Polly Parotted everything I said, and just like in the movies, ended with a “Times Up!”




I needed someone to get me, to understand my story, and help me devise a Life Plan. I wanted to come back to them and do check-ins. So after years of training and hours and hours of counseling and coaching, I realized that although the stuff I learned in school was interesting and valid, it didn’t always hold up with the times. How can you plug people into a theory! Where were the changes for Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z?




So, right in the middle of becoming a mom, I enrolled in a 2-year Life Coaching program (why not)! Ahhhh, this was the missing ingredient. It felt fresh, modern and relatable. I decided to combine both to create a really amazing and profoundly meaningful approach where YOU ARE FRONT AND CENTER OF YOUR LIFE.

We go back, stay present and move forward together. It’s probably unlike anything you have experienced before. Figuring out that you need to make a change in your life is Powerful and I want in! …you in? I hope so.

-- Jes 


(No more long-winded stories, I promise.)



YOUR STORY is incredibly important. It has a lot of colors and things to unpack. I get to know you – your needs, your triggers, your boundaries, your stuck-ed-ness (it’s a word somewhere) and your capacities. We both share insights.  


WE WORK DEEPLY AND SAFELY with an understanding about being non-judgmental. There is not much that hasn’t entered these ears.  


NOW WHAT? Nope, not part of this process. We create a plan together so you can go out and LIVE in an easier place than before. Oh, you’ll get a friendly push from yours truly! But you’ll come to love it. Might even demand it! 


COUPLES will see that I advocate for staying together and working it out. I love working with couples! I’ve seen more relationships stay together than the contrary.  I’ve been to a ton of weddings too! 


A DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE where you usually walk out ready to take your world on! AND you have a partner in Advocacy right by your side.  



STEP 1 – Text me at 818-633-5377 or leave a message to set up a FREE phone Consultation for 15 minutes.


STEP 2 – After Consultation, set up your Appointment.


STEP 3 – Read and fill out RELATIONSHIP AGREEMENT below.



(Did you look here first?) Well, you’ll be happily surprised.  


INDIVIDUALS: $125 per hour 

COUPLES: $150 per hour. 


Venmo or Cash. No insurance taken.  



Why do I call it this? Because our relationship is key to successful sessions. Read these over and Accept at the bottom. It will lead you to my email. Please send prior to your session.  


Benefits and Risks – Sessions may involve discussing unpleasant aspects of your life and, as a result, you may sometimes experience uncomfortable feelings. My goal is to provide a safe and healthy environment. Sessions have been shown to have many benefits - better relationships, solutions to problems, and significant reductions in feelings of distress. There is no guarantee that you will experience any or all of these benefits.  


Confidentiality – All information is confidential. In accordance with this, no invoices or receipts will be issued under any circumstances. Please do not ask.   


Exceptions to Confidentiality – include, but are not limited to: reporting child, elder, and dependent adult abuse, serious threat of violence towards a reasonably identifiable victim, and danger to self or to the person or property of another. 


Fee – You must pay directly before or after your session by Credit Card or Venmo. There is no grace period unless you have specifically worked it out with me. Your fee will adjust slightly after your first year.  


Cancellation Policy – This is the BIGGEST ZINGER to our Relationship Agreement and unfortunately those who came before you have made it such. If I show up and you don’t, you pay. If you oversleep, forget or feel sick and forget to call in time, you pay. Cancellations are 24 hours in advance. No exceptions. I will not chase you down to do the right thing. I trust you to make it so. 

Los Angeles Office Premises – Please be advised, this office does have stairs and does not have an elevator. RELEASE: In consideration of services of property provided, I do hereby release Jessica George, MA, and Therapy-Coaching Room, its principal directors, and each and every landowner, upon whose property and activity is conducted, from all liability and waive any claim for damage arising from any cause whatsoever. 


Online Sessions – I will initiate the call at your scheduled time. I use Face Time Skype or Zoom. Please understand that sessions may not always be in person. It is contingent upon clients, work schedules and travel obligations.  


Legal Cases – I will not enter any legal battle you are currently in.  


Forms – I will not sign any forms for therapy dogs or other services outside of the scope of our sessions.  


Termination of Sessions – You, as the Client, or I as the Counselor, can stop sessions at any time. Sessions may be terminated due to, but not limited to the following: excessive no shows or cancellations, lack of payment, or if we find that inadequate progress is not being made. 


Contact In Between Sessions – You may TEXT me anytime during working hours 8am to 9pm EST. and 6am to 6pm PST. Please be advised that I will respond as soon as possible.  If you need to get on the phone, I will spend 10 minutes only on the phone before charging you for time.  


Couples – must call and come together (no exceptions) 


Diagnosis – This practice is not required to accept any clients who have been diagnosed with serious Mental Diagnosis and/or Personality Disorders. 




I understand and agree to everything I have read in the RELATIONSHIP AGREEMENT.

Thank you. Your acknowledgement has been sent.

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