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Our story runs through a cacophony of funny coincidences with being in the same place at the same time...but never meeting until almost 20 years later.


With a combined 60+ amazingly successful years in the Entertainment Business, we know what it takes to break through tough obstacles and land smack in the center of LIVING OUR DREAMS.

Today, we are a happy 2-kid, 2-dog family in Los Angeles, and we describe ourselves as HUMONGOUS-HEARTED, Transparent, Personable, Ambitious, Creative, Funny, Deeply Sensitive and Empathetic people who get joy from helping others grow and achieve in ways they never thought possible. We are perpetual STUDENTS OF LIFE. Here are some of our post-grad accomplishments and degrees that we proudly share: 


Masters of Counseling Psychology, MA Marriage and Family

Clinician at SFVCC

Clinician at Private Practice
Certified Professional Master Life Coaches

Clinical Hypnotherapists, C. Ht.

Owners of Evolve Therapy-Coaching-Hypnotherapy

Owners of Los Angeles Hypnotherapy

Infinite Possibilities Trainers, IPPIES, Mike Dooley|

Infinite Possibilities Relationship Counselors

Gottman Method Relationship Counselors

International Board of Coaches and Practitioners- IBCP

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