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Do You Dim Your Light To Make Others Feel More Comfortable

So many of us start our day by picking up the cell phone to check email, social media, texts (other people’s problems). We rush to the aid of our friends with compassion and a rip-roaring saving grace. But when it comes to our SELVES, we forget to nourish our own souls. Our issues get shoved down, compounded, forgotten. But, they bubble up and can explode in volcanic ways.

It’s important to be of service to others. But we need to make sure that our light is lit inside ourselves, BEFORE we can take care of others. The constant pouring out of GIVE to others is often a way we hide and avoid our own needs.

Tomorrow morning and everyday here-after, take a moment and ask, “What can I do for myself so that I can be better for you and the World today?” And then, go do it. Put down the 6am phone checks and the invisible fire extinguishers and take a moment to light your own fire, to turn on the light of your own needs, and subscribe to the “Me before We” attitude. It’s amazing what that slight pivot can provide.

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