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Why Gardening Is Great For Your Soul

The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul ~ Alfred Austin

One of the most fulfilling activities for your soul is gardening. While gardening, you are grounded in the soil but at the same time connected to your spiritual world. It is as your body acts as a bridge between your physical world and heaven. But have you ever wonder, how gardening benefits your soul? Let me first tell you that you don’t need a large space to yield these benefits - a window box in your apartment or a standing garden on your porch - it could be of any size.

Gardening Aids in Healing

According to an assistant horticulturist, gardens can aid in your mental, physical, and emotional healing in great ways.

When I started gardening sometime back, I was surprised to see how it healed me and my inner self. Although I started because I always dreamed of having a small kitchen garden in my backyard, the positivity it filled in me is beyond words.

How Gardening Helps Your Spirit?

Let me share some reasons with you why everyone needs to grab gloves and a spade and start gardening for spiritual benefits.

You Witness Your Hard Work Paying Off

While gardening, you see the transformative results of whatever hard work you have done. There are many things you spend precious time on and they only have temporary results. On the other hand, a garden builds on itself; trees and plants grow bigger and healthier, and the result of your hard work is long-lasting.

Teaches you Mindfulness

Gardening is a mindful activity that engages your all senses. It teaches you a precious secret ingredient of living a content life - mindfulness. It is the act of being present at the moment. When you are watering, weeding, harvesting, you engage all senses in the sight, smell, sound, tactile, and taste sensations of your garden.

Helps Bring You to The Ground

The whole process of gardening helps you get out of your head. All of us spend hours and hours in our heads thinking about the past, the future, worries, planning, and whatnot. Gardening gives us an opportunity to connect to more tangible and real things.

I believe that gardening is therapeutic on various levels. In fact, only being around nature can help you improve your mood, making you feel more peaceful. To hone in on what makes your heart sing, contact us today at or subscribe to our instagram for other great articles and tips @evolvetherapycoaching.

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