Your Story Matters

Individual Counseling with Jessica:
(Sessions are 1 hour. Price is $125 for Individuals)

We use compassionate therapeutic approaches to find about how your life is currently being affected and where your beliefs come from.  And then, we ramp it up with amazing and effective Coaching to help you create new and effective behaviors and beliefs to achieve the goals you have dreamed of. Have you ever wondered what your life would look like if you were to perform at your maximum potential?


Couples Counseling with Jessica:
(Sessions are 1 hour 20 minutes. Price is $175 for Couples)


What would your relationship(s) look like if you were able to truly gain control of your emotions and master your communication? To hear each other, you have to figure out where there is a break in the foundation. Together, we will discover new and innovative ways to heal and help you enroll each other to gain the results you desire. The happiest couples never have the same character. They have the best understanding of their differences.

Your Mind Is PowerfuL

Clinical Hypnotherapy with Grant:
(Sessions are 1 hour. Price is $125)


Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation and focus that allows deeper access to your mind. We reach this state naturally throughout our lives. For instance, when we are fully absorbed in a book, engrossed in a good show, feeling a deep connection with nature or during meditation. 


Think of your subconscious mind as a guidance system that runs everything in your life. It stores all of your long-held beliefs, experiences and skills. It can sense danger and opportunity. It makes up 90% of your total brain function – including unintentional and habitual thoughts and behaviors.


Hypnosis allows us to bypass your conscious mind, (the analytical and reasoning mind) and go deeper to meet up with your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind peacefully observes from a distance. As you become more relaxed and gain more awareness in the process, you feel everything more vividly. Your mind then becomes more aware and open to positive suggestions. Because these suggestions are sent directly to the center of your emotions (the subconscious mind), they are fully integrated into the whole body and mind. Once a negative belief or pattern is effectively replaced by a successful and positive one, there is no reason for the mind to go back to the old pattern.

Through Hypnotherapy we are reprogramming our minds for a long lasting and positive effect. 


Hypnotherapy can be used to overcome many life challenges and obstacles, including: Anger Management, Weight Management, Anxiety, Stress, Confidence & Self-Esteem, Smoking Cessation, Unwanted Habits, Increasing Creativity, Phobia & Fears, Procrastination & Focus, Sports Performance and much more.


With both Jessica & Grant:
(Sessions are 1 hour 35 minutes. Price is $195)


These are our client’s Favorite #1 Break-Through Sessions! They are SO POWERFUL! Depending on what you need and how you are feeling at the moment, we will either start with a Therapy / Coaching Session or Hypnotherapy Session.  If you’re ready to heal all areas of your life, make better decisions, communicate more clearly, enhance your self confidence and love your life to the fullest, rest-assured, this is as moving, shaking, breaking, uplifting, compassionate and regulating as it gets!

the facility

In-Person Sessions and Support Groups take place in a private, tranquil, safe and comfortable environment.